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100x100, ace attorney, air gear, alcohol, anime, ankh-morpork city watch, ayakashi, baccano, band saws, bartimaeus trilogy, black cat, black lagoon, bleach, books, chips, chrestomanci, cowboy bebop, d. gray-man, darker than black, daydreaming, dead languages, discworld, dogma, dogs, dogs manga, dragons, dweeb!zuko, ellery queen, empire records, ergo proxy, eternal champion, fries, full moons, fullmetal alchemist, futurama, g.k. chesterton, galway, garlic mayonnaise, ghost hound, gintama, going merry, good omens, grammar nazi, gyakuten saiban, headology, higurashi-no-naku-koro-ni, history, hitman reborn, icon whore, inu yasha, ireland, jasper fforde, jojo's bizarre adventure, kekkaishi, kingdom hearts, knitting, libraries, literature, lord of the rings, making fun of history, manga, michael moorcock, miyazaki, mononoke, monty python, moonlight, musical theatre, mythology, nakama, neil gaiman, nightmare before christmas, norse mythology, old english, one piece, ouran koukou host club, percy jackson, percy-jackson-and-the-olympians, phoenix wright, pink floyd, piracy, pirate ships, pirates, professor layton, pubs, puddles, queen, reading, reminds-me-of-a-puzzle, sandman, sanskrit, sarcasm, saxons, sayonara zetsubou sensei, scooby doo, sennen no yuki, shanks, snatch, spyro, stargazing, subbed not dubbed, team medical dragon, terry pratchett, the bursar, the king's head, the librarian, the saxons are coming, the sound of rain, theatre, theatre techies, threesomes and moresomes, tintin, tom holt, tortuga, translation, translation studies, travelling, vikings, walking in falling snow, werewolves, yami no matsuei, yankee-kun to megane-chan, yarn whore, your mom ;), zombie loan, zombie powder, 怪~ayakashi~ japanese classic horror
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